About Santaverde

Thanks to its special formulations and focus on the highest quality raw materials and responsible practices, Santaverde has now been thriving for over 25 years.

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Our philosophy

How to get a the best effects on the health and beauty of your skin, without compromise and with the highest social and environmental responsibility? Find out more about our philosophy.

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Unique in formulation and effect

The Aloe plant has an impressive range of effects. We set ourselves the task of releasing the full effects of these active ingredients in our products, creating unique formulations that have unique effects.

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From the place where beauty thrives

In the special region of Andalusia, Aloe Vera plants grow in abundance. Due to the unique climate, these plants are packed with active ingredients that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, or on the shop shelves.

However it is not just the climate – we are proud of the fact that our Aloe plants are processed by hand, ensuring none of the natural power is lost.

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Responsibility - for your skin and your world

We not only have high expectations of our products, but also of our actions.

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Creating and maintaining superlative quality

By ensuring all of our products are properly certified, we are committed to maintaining the highest of standards.

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Visitors welcome!

Come and visit the Finca in Andalucia, and convince yourself of our quality by experiencing the cultivation and processing of our main raw materials first hand!

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Over 25 years of Aloe expertise

How does the gift of an Aloe leaf lead to a successful natural cosmetics company?

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