Because home grown is always better

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On Finca Verde, it’s all up to us!

On our Finca in sunny Estepona, everything revolves around our precious resource - Aloe Vera. The fields are worked strictly by controlled organic cultivation, and the year-round care of the plants is carried out exclusively by hand. Only with this effort and connection can we really ensure the highest quality of our aloe vera gel.

The main harvest period begins after the hottest months of July and August. All the mature leaves of the plants on the field are removed from the mother plant by hand. This process involves carefully slitting each individual leaf at the base and firmly pulling it away from the stem of the plant, while making sure to not injure the mother plant. The freshly harvested leaves are then processed within hours of being harvested on site at the Finca.

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A laboratory in the middle of the fields?

Yes! by harvesting and processing by hand, we ensure that the natural purity and rich active substances of the precious Aloe vera gel, the main ingredient of Santaverde products, are preserved. No machine can come close to replacing the hand and eye of a human here!

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Processing by hand

The freshly harvested leaves are processed in our modern production lab in the middle of the Aloe fields – this guarantees the exceptional, and essential, freshness of our Aloe gel.

First, soil is removed from the leaves and they are carefully washed. After separating the thorny sides of the leaf and the hard outer shell, the soft inner leaf fillet is extracted, much like a fish! Finally the transparent gel fillets are sorted based on size, quality and purity.

Healing Fields

A detailed report of theSantaverde Aloe Vera, it's cultivation, and processing on the finca in Andalucia (2010).

Duration: 25 min