The Plants - our active ingredients

Santaverde cosmetic products use the power of natural ingredients for intensive formulations which entirely comply with, and even exceed, the standards of traditionally effective cosmetics.

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The Plant - Aloe Vera

The moisturising, regenerating and healing power of Aloe vera has been known to traditional medicine for thousands of years.

The secret of its effect lies in the holistic interplay of the 200+ vital ingredients it contains.

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The Plant - Aloe Vera blossom

Powerful antioxidants make Aloe vera blossom nectar an ideal anti-ageing agent. We alone use the power of the Aloe Vera blossom, previously unknown in the cosmetics industry.

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The Plant - Cashew fruit

The bright cashew fruit from the Brazilian rainforest is a veritable power house of active ingredients that protect the skin from free radicals. Discover the main active ingredient of our Xingu product range.

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