Aloe Vera blossom

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The effects of Aloe vera blossom nectar

Powerful antioxidants make the aloe vera blossom nectar an ideal anti-aging ingredient. So far uniquely in cosmetics, we are the first to use the power of Aloe Vera blossom.

The valuable nectar of the Aloe Vera blossom protects the skin from oxidative stress with its antioxidant effect. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals, and is considered to be a key skin-ageing factor, effectively 'rusting' skin just like metal. The polyphenols in the blossom nectar are a group of powerful antioxidants that can neutralise free radicals, and thus strengthen the skin's cell protection naturally and effectively.

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Extraction of the blossom nectar

At our Finca in Estepona, our Aloe vera plants are grown under controlled organic conditions. Once a year, between January and April, the Aloe Barbadensis Miller produces a bright yellow flower. Each flower has several sepals which contain the antioxidant nectar.

The sensitive sepals are harvested by hand and are then taken directly to our modern production laboratory in the middle of the Aloe Vera fields. By processing them so quickly, we ensure that the active ingredients of the Aloe Vera blossom are preserved. In the production laboratory, the sepals are sorted, washed and pressed into an antioxidant elixir on site.

The Aloe vera blossom nectar is the key ingredient in our multi-award winning anti-ageing Age Protect range.

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