Aloe Vera cosmetics

It all begins with Aloe Vera — the basic foundation of all our products. By combining fresh Aloe juice with valuable plant oils and extracts, we create unique, concentrated compositions for every individual skin requirement. All products are NATRUE certified natural cosmetics, free from synthetic fragrances, colourings and preservatives. All products are certified vegan and contain no animal ingredients.

Facial care

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Aloe vera cleansers, designed for a gentle and thorough cleaning. Our cleansers cleanse the pores thoroughly without harming the natural protective layer of the skin.

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Refreshing Aloe Vera toners for preparing the skin for the proper care routine. Our toners are also practical, handy, hydrating sprays, to refresh and vitalize.

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Daily moisturisers

Our daily moisturisers have different lipid levels, but the same active ingredient concentration, so that you get the same power whatever your preferances are. They are fragranced with delicate essential oils, and for particularly sensiive skin we also do a fragrance-free option.

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Intensive facial care

Our intensive facial care serums, oils, boosts and masks provide an extra layer of protective and nutritious ingredients. They intensively support the skin through all its phases

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Anti-ageing Age Protect

Innovative anti-ageing range with a particularly high antioxidant capacity. Aloe Vera blossom nectar teamed with a complex mixture of root extracts prevents the effects skin ageing and reduces pigment spots.

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Anti-ageing Xingu - be Age Perfect

A powerful anti-aging range with proven performance against oxidative stress. Provides powerful active ingredients of 15 beauty-boosting plants from the Brazilian rainforest.

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Body care and pure Aloe Vera

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Body care

Regenerating, hydrating and firming body care products for a pampering skin care ritual at home.

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Pure Aloe vera

Aloe vera in its purest form: You can buy the simple juice, pure gel, plant leaf or baby plant. All from certified organic cultivation.

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