Find the best products to suit your skin type

age protect santaverde 440x200

Both external and internal influences can weaken the skin and lead to lack of moisture, dryness, premature skin-ageing or excess sebum production. We believe that these changes to the skin are only temporary.

Santaverde cosmetic products encourage your skin to regenerate itself, and so restore its natural balance. To best cater to the  daily needs of your skin, you can combine all of our basic and special care products, and even mix them together.

Find the best products for your skin condition:

strapaziert und sensibel
reif und anspruchsvoll
Facial cleansers
cleansing gel
cleansing milk
Facial toner
toner classic
toner sensitive
Daily facial moisturiser
creme light
creme medium
creme rich
Intensive facial care
eye cream
hydro repair gel
extra rich beauty elixir
firming gel mask
extra rich cream mask
Anti-ageing facial care age protect
age protect toner
age protect moisturiser
age protect fluid
age protect serum
age protect facial oil
age protect boost
Anti-ageing facial care xingu age perfect
XINGU age perfect serum
XINGU age perfect cream
XINGU age perfect eye serum
XINGU age perfect eye cream
Body care
hand cream
pure aloe vera gel
body firming gel
body lotion sensitive
body lotion classic
shower gel